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Gas Golf Cart Types

Utility Gas Golf Cart

A gas powered cart used as a utility vehicle

As the design of gas golf carts can be very flexible, manufacturers are producing utility vehicles based on them that are suitable for a variety of applications.

However, all vehicles fall into two basic categories, standard carts for personal and golfing use, and commercial or industrial models.

Golf and Personal Use

Most carts listed for sale have seating for two players, or sometimes even four players, and storage compartments for their clubs.

Many of these gas powered carts can be fitted with a vast array of different parts, accessories and upgrade features by the manufacturer, such as drinks holders, rain enclosures and GPS navigation units.

Personal carts sold by manufacturers are very similar to a standard golfing cart, but lack the specific features that are not required for driving around a private community or neighborhood. For example, the storage racks that hold bags are usually replaced by cargo beds for groceries and other bulky items.

There is an ever increasing market for these types of personal gas carts for use as private transport. Many retirement communities are golfing orientated and actively promote cart use by residents as they can be driven straight from the residents home to the first tee.

An increasing number of small island communities shun the larger road car in favor of the golf car for their residents primary transport method.

For these types of communities the carts provide an some added safety benefits, as unlike a normal road car they are much nimbler to drive and they are speed limited.

The low vehicle speed ensures that pedestrians have more time to cross community streets and in the unfortunate event of an accident will cause less injury.

Commercial and Industrial Use

The first people to use gas engined carts in a commercial environment were by the course ground staff themselves. Modifying existing carts to add a load carrying bed enabled them to transport equipment, soil and manpower to wherever it was required on the course.

From its humble beginnings, manufacturers have now modified the original designs and developed “utility vehicles” that can be used for a wide range of applications.

These versatile vehicles can feature more powerful gas cart engines, uprated suspension lift kits, high grip wheels and tires and greater load capacity.

These utility vehicles can now be found on farms, ranches, industrial complexes and university campuses across the world, where they efficiently and reliably haul supplies, equipment and personnel with a minimum of fuss.


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