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Gas Golf Cart Utility Vehicles

Gas Golf Cart Utility Vehicle

A gas cart utility vehicle with tilt bed

Gas golf cart utility vehicles have an almost limitless number of uses, from a senior citizens personal transport around a retirement community to a hunters’ cross country ride with seating for four.

You should approach buying utility vehicles the same way you would consider buying a road car. The first consideration is to decide exactly what you expect out of the gas engined cart or utility vehicle.

Utility Vehicle Features

Examine the type of terrain that the cart will be used on, how many passengers you will need to carry and the potential hauling capacity. The power of the engine will also be a consideration, a cart with a low power engine will be suitable for driving four passengers around an airport, but will not be up to the job hauling a few thousand pounds of top soil around a hilly golf course.

If you need to travel over rough terrain or farm land then a utility vehicle with uprated longer travel suspension lift kits and off road wheels and tires would be required. Uprated stronger suspension will also assist when lugging heavy loads as some utility vehicles can shift close to 2,000 pounds.

Another aspect of a load carrier, or burden carrier, is the type of cargo bed you will need when carrying your cargo; a simple cargo box with low sides and a tailgate that makes it easy to lift items onto the cart or even a large capacity dumping bed ideal for depositing soil or other material.

Size Considerations

Utility vehicles tend to be physically larger and heavier than a standard golf car. Double check the environment in which the cart will be used as the model you are considering may be too large to drive through narrow spaces or too tall to fit through your garage door opening. Even without any cargo a utility vehicle can weigh over 1,000 pounds, so check any bridges, paths and other surfaces to ensure that they can handle this amount of weight.

If your intended use involves towing a trailer or some other type of equipment, ensure that the engine is powerful enough to haul the extra weight.

Just like a road car there is a wide range of accessories available for utility vehicles, from uprated lights, extra seating, high lift suspension, performance engine parts to rain enclosures and off road tires.

Economic Benefits

For commercial applications some additional considerations when purchasing a gas powered cart as a utility vehicle should be dependability, versatility and efficiency as these can have an economic impact or your organization.

A utility vehicle must be dependable during its operation, as breakdowns will have an monetary cost in both productivity and repairs. The more versatile the cart that you choose the more uses you will find for it, offering savings over having many types of specialized machinery. The main advantage that gas engined carts have over other larger types of larger equipment is that their operating costs tend to be a lot less, so the more efficiently that they are used the better the savings.

Many commercial considerations may not be applicable for personal transport applications. However, efficiency and dependability are still something to be taken into account. Depending on the expected mileage, a cart with a more efficient engine will cost less to run in gas costs. Owning a dependable vehicle will also save money in the long run as breakdown and repair costs will be lower.


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