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Golf Cart Articles


What Year is my Golf Cart?

Before buying any parts or accessories for your golf cart you will need to know the year of its manufacture. Read our guide that tells you where to find the serial numbers on your Yamaha,E-Z-Go and Club Car cart.

Golf Cart Classified Ads Site

Buying a Golf Cart through a Classified Ad

There are many types of golf carts and parts listed in our classified ads. Whether you need a new or used cart, custom lifted cart or some cart parts and accessories you can find them in our classified ad listings.

Gas Golf Cart Maintenance for Summer

How to Prepare your Gas Golf Cart for Summer

Here are a few things to check before using your gas golf cart for summer.Regular maintenance helps your gas cart run well and saves you gas.

Prepare Electric Golf Cart for Summer

How to Prepare your Electric Golf Cart for Summer

There are a few things you must do to prepare your electric golf cart for use in the summer after it has been stored through the winter.Read our guide for a few tips.

Electric Golf Cart Battery Charging

Golf Cart Battery Chargers

A good quality golf cart battery charger is recommended for an electric cart to make sure that the batteries are charged correctly.Learn more about cart battery charging.

Golf Cart Covers

Golf Cart Covers Explained

Golf cart covers help protect the occupants of the cart from any adverse weather.If you play golf through the winter or drive on public roads then you'll need a rain enclosure.

Golf Cart Parts Salvage

Sourcing Golf Cart Parts

Finding golf cart parts is really easy as almost anything can be sourced on the internet.EZGO,Club Car and Yamaha parts.

Cheap Golf Carts for Sale

Where to buy Cheap Golf Carts

Buying a cheap golf cart is easy as there are many places that will offer great deals on used carts. Local sellers and internet sites have great selections of used carts.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart

Harley Davidson Golf Carts Guide

"Harley Davidson" makes you think of motorcycles, but Harley Davidson also produced golf carts from 1963 to until 1969 when they sold the division to another company who continued using the Harley name until 1982.


Street Legal Golf Cart Tires Guide

If you intend to drive your cart on the public streets then it must be legally fitted with street legal golf cart tires. More and more carts are being driven on city streets and there are certain safety items that have to be fitted to a golf cart in order to comply with highway safety regulations, one of which are DOT approved golf cart tires.

Electric Golf Cart Battery Charging

Golf Cart Batteries Guide

The most important system in an electric golf cart is the golf cart batteries which provide the power to move the cart along. This golf cart battery guide explains the issues behind battery charging, maintenance and replacement.

Custom Golf Cart with Lift Kit

What are Golf Cart Lift Kits?

A golf cart lift kit raises the cart's ride height allowing more ground clearance below the cart making it easier to drive over rough terrain or obstacles. A lift kit also allows more body clearance for larger wheels and tires to be fitted to a cart for a more sporty look.

Street Legal Used Golf Carts

Buying Street Legal Used Golf Carts

More and more councils, municipalities and city authorities are allowing street legal golf carts onto their local roads. With the increasing in usage of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) there is a growing used market. Street legal used golf carts are an attractive used purchase proposition as they are much cheaper than buying a brand new cart. Read our guide to make sure that a used cart has all of the required safety equipment.

Electric Used Golf Carts

Buying Electric Used Golf Carts

Buying electric used golf carts is easy, but there are many things on the cart to inspect so that you don't end up with a lemon. Read our guide to buying used electric golf carts.

Gas Golf Cart at Work

Gas Golf Carts Overview

Gas golf carts were originally designed to help golfers around the course, over time this vehicle was found to have many more uses and has been transformed into an all purpose utility vehicle.

Utility Gas Golf Cart

Gas Golf Cart Types

Gas golf carts were originally designed for carrying golfers and equipment on the course, however they were soon modified for other uses on farms, for landscaping and as personal transportation.

Gas Golf Cart Utility Vehicle

Gas Golf Cart Utility Vehicles

Gas golf cart utility vehicles have an almost limitless number of uses and offer a bewildering number of choices for commercial and personal applications.

Gas Golf Cart on the Course

Gas Golf Carts for the Golf Course

Gas golf carts were designed for use on the golf course to assist golfers with carrying their equipment, many have features and accessories that help you during your round.

Buy Used Golf Carts for Sale

Buying Used Golf Carts for Sale

There are many used golf carts on eBay and also from dealers. Used gas or electric carts for sale offer good value as they are much cheaper than a brand new cart.

Hi-Performance Custom Gas Golf Cart

Golf Cart Engines and High Performance Parts

For a gas golf cart there are various custom golf cart engines and high performance parts that can be purchased and installed on your cart engine. Or an engine swap for a high power unit is the fastest way to increase speed.

Custom Golf Cart Interior

Custom Golf Cart Interior Upgrades

For your custom golf cart there are various interior parts that can be purchased and installed on your cart to improve driver and passenger comfort and convenience.

Escalade Custom Golf Cart Body

Custom Golf Cart Bodies

You can fit custom golf cart body panels or even replace golf cart bodies to make it more to your personal tastes ensuring that it will stand out from the crowd on the course.

Lifted Golf Cart with Custom Wheels

Golf Cart Lift Kits - Suspension, Tires and Wheels

Golf cart lift kits are one of the most popular modifications to raise the suspension of the cart. To finish the look fit custom aftermarket wheels or high traction tires.


Top 5 Custom Golf Carts

Gas golf carts are quite dull and boring. Not to worry, custom cart shops can work magic to produce stunning carts like these Top 5 custom carts.

Golf Carts for Sale on eBay

Golf Carts for Sale on eBay

There are 100's of golf carts for sale on eBay, from private sellers and also from dealers. New and used golf carts offered at the best prices.

E-Z-Go Golf Cart Classifieds for Sale

Used Golf Carts for Sale - Top 10 Reasons to Buy Used

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should look at used golf carts for sale, as buying a used golf cart is preferable than buying a new cart from a dealer.

Rolls Royce Custom Golf Cart Body

Top 5 Custom Golf Cart Body Upgrades

Custom golf cart bodies come in a large variety of designs. The top 5 upgrades are listed and are available for carts from all the major manufacturers, including Club Car, Ez-Go and Yamaha.

Harley Engine Gas Golf Cart Upgrade

Top 5 Golf Cart Engine Upgrades

Modifying golf cart engines is the best way to increase the power and top speed of a gas cart. This article explores the Top 5 upgrades for a gas golf cart engine.

Electric Golf Cart for Sale

Why Buy Electric Golf Carts?

Electric golf carts are the environmentally friendly choice when it comes to golf cars. Compared to gas models they offer zero pollution, near silent operation and economical operating costs.

Electric Golf Cart Speed Upgrades

Electric Golf Cart Speed Upgrades - Top 5

Electric golf carts are much easier to modify for increased speed than a gas golf cart. This article explores the Top 5 performance and speed upgrades for your electric golf cart.

Used Golf Cart-for Sale

Used Golf Carts for Sale - Things to Check When You Buy

Buying used golf carts for sale can get you a better deal than new carts but you must check the cart thoroughly before making an offer.

Natalie Gulbis Custom Golf Carts

Natalie Gulbis and the Custom Golf Cart

Custom golf cart suspended on the wall of the Golf Channel studio Twittered by Natalie Gulbis during a recent visit.

Commercial Club Car Golf Carts

Commercial Club Car Golf Carts for Sale

Club Car golf carts are suitable for all types of commercial and industrial applications, from light-duty utility vehicles to heavy-duty 4x4s and multi-person transports.

Custom Lifted Golf Carts

Lifted Golf Carts Guide

Lifted golf carts are fitted with aftermarket lift kits for improved off road capabilities. Find out how to buy a lifted golf cart with this guide.

Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car golf carts for sale are the most popular brand in the market and you are likely to find one that is perfectly suited to your taste and budget.

Used Custom Golf Carts

Tips for Buying Used Custom Golf Carts

Buying used custom golf carts is great value for money as someone else has paid for the parts used to customize the cart.

Golf Cart Windshields

Golf Cart Windshields

Golf cart windshields help protect occupants from stray golf balls and the weather. Full, half, vinyl and flip screens can be fitted to most golf carts.


Golf Cart Windshield Types

There are several different types of golf cart windshields each with different levels of safety that they offer. Choose which type depending on the use of your cart.

Golf GPS - Sky Caddie SG2.5

Sky Caddie SG2.5 Golf GPS

The Sky Caddie SG2.5 is the latest model from the leader in golf GPS units, SkyGolf. Offering some serious advantages over the older SG2 model.


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