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Golf Cart Batteries Guide

Electric Golf Cart Batteries Setup

A typical electric battery configuration

The most important system in electric carts is the golf cart batteries which provide the power to move the vehicle along. All electric golf carts will have a certain number of batteries depending on their voltage and whether a 24V, 36V or 48V power system is utilized.

There are several different voltages of batteries that are used to power electric carts, the most common in use, are 6V, 8V and 12V. So a 36V electric cart may have six 6V batteries, and the most modern 48V electric carts may be powered by four 12V deep cycle batteries.

The battery packs are usually installed under the seat, which can be removed to provide easy access for charging and maintenance.

Cart Battery Charging

Proper charging is needed to ensure a long life and range for the battery packs. They should be run down to at least half their charge before being recharged, so that their capacity is maintained over time after multiple recharges. Cart batteries need to be charged with the correct type of battery charger, following the correct procedures so that they continue to provide an acceptable driving range and good performance under normal driving conditions. If the batteries no longer hold their charge and don’t give an acceptable range then they will have to be replaced.

Battery Maintenance

Cart batteries require regular maintenance if they are to provide an acceptable range when in use. When you use your electric powered cart the batteries use up the water within them and this needs to be replenished with distilled water periodically. It is recommended to check the water levels at least once a week to make sure that the leaded plates are covered. The battery water level is usually checked and filled through several caps on the top of the battery that just screw off and on. Cart battery watering kits are available that automatically keep the water at the correct level and your batteries at their operating peak.

When checking the water level take the opportunity to examine the battery cables and terminals to make sure that they are connected tightly to each battery. Also look for any corrosion around the battery terminals and cable connections, which will look like white or green crystals or flakes. This can be carefully cleaned off with a steel brush and a mixture of baking soda and water. The connections should be clean and shiny to maintain a good connection, otherwise your cart will not get the power it needs to operate.

Battery Replacement

When replacing your batteries it is important to know the voltage specifications of the ones installed in your cart. Choosing batteries that are of the wrong specification can cause damage to the electrical system, or even a fire.

To replace all the batteries, work on each battery in turn, disconnecting the negative terminal first and then the positive one. When the old one has been removed and the new battery is in place, reconnect in the reverse order with the positive terminal connected first.

Used Electric Cart Batteries

When buying electric used golf carts for sale it is important to thoroughly check the condition of the battery packs to ensure that they are in good condition. Examine the terminals and cables for any corrosion which will indicate problems and also try to charge the batteries. Ensuring the power system is in good order will help avoid expensive bills further down the road.


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