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Golf Cart Covers Explained

Golf Cart Covers

A rain cover keeps you dry in bad weather

Do you play golf or drive your cart during the winter months or where there is a high chance of rain? Whether you drive on the street or use it on the course, at some point you will likely need a golf cart cover to protect you and your passengers.

Cart covers help protect you and your passengers from wind, rain and the cold weather when you are out driving. Protective covers are also used when you store your cart for any length of time, keeping your cart’s body protected from dust and the damaging effects of sunlight.

Cart covers are usually made from polyester material which features a waterproof coating treatment to repel water and prevent mildew buildup. Make sure that any rain covers that you buy are made from durable materials to make sure that you are fully protected.

Most covers designed for golf carts are held in place with an elasticized bottom hem and several small hooks that attach to the bottom of the bodywork. This makes it really quick and easy to fit, especially if you are caught in a surprise rain shower.

Whatever brand of cart you have, Club Car, E-Z-Go or Yamaha, you will be able to find a cover that will fit it. There are also universal cart covers which will fit any make and model.

Cart Rain Covers

A rain cover, or rain enclosure, keeps out the rain and cold when you are driving your cart in inclement weather. A rain cover features see-through PVC windows at the front, back and sides to maintain good visibility when in use.

To help getting in and out of the cart the rain cover will feature “doors” which can be rolled up or folded back and kept in place with Velcro™ fasteners. Some rain covers can also be specified with lightweight doors that are hinged at the front.

Usually available in several different colors to match your cart, whether it’s green, beige, sand, black or white. Most rain covers are only available for 2-passenger carts, but some can be found to fit 4-passenger or limo carts.

Some covers will not have a front window so not to cover the windshield, as seeing through two layers of clear plastic will restrict visibility. If you have a windshield fitted it’s recommended to fold down the windshield so that you’re only looking through the rain enclosure’s clear windshield panel.

On the course

Most owners who fit a rain cover will use their cart when playing golf on the course. At the rear the cover will feature a panel which can be folded out of the way to allow easy access to your clubs when you need to take a shot. When folded back the panel will keep the rain off of the clubs and bags, keeping them dry for your next shot.

Street Legal Carts

With the increase in popularity of street-legal carts being allowed on public roads there is a need for owners to be able to safely drive during poor weather. A rain cover will allow you to make that short trip to the grocery store, neighbors home or community center in complete comfort.

An added advantage of a rain cover is that any road spray caused by other road users during rain storms will not hit the occupants.

In most municipalities street-legal carts are legally mandated to be fitted with a full windshield with a wiper. So it’s important to make sure that a rain enclosure intended for use on a street vehicle does not have a front panel at all or the panel can be folded down, just like the one in the photo above.


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