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Golf Cart Windshield Types

What are the Different Types of Windshields?

A golf cart windshield will help protect you and your passengers from the dangers of stray golf balls when on the course, from insects or bugs and adverse weather conditions. A windshield is also a mandatory requirement while driving on the street. There are several different types of windshields for golf carts each with different levels of safety that they offer for use on both the course and on the public street.

Vinyl Windscreen

“Vinyl” Windscreen

A vinyl windshield offers adequate safety protection for use on the course and are made from clear material so do not adversely affect vision when driving. The vinyl screen is secured with elastic straps and can be easily removed when not in use, or in warm conditions. Vinyl windshields are also an inexpensive option for those golfers with a tight budget or those who use their vehicle in different situations where a permanent screen may not be appropriate.

Full Windscreen

“Full” Windshield

Most cart windshields are “full”, that is, it as a complete screen that completely fills the window aperture. A full windscreen offers the best protection if the cart is to be used on the golf course or as a street legal cart. A full windshield also gives the occupants the best shelter from the weather, such as rain and the wind. Most standard new and used carts for sale will be fitted with a full windshield.

However, a full screen may be uncomfortable in warm weather or if the cart is to be used in hotter climates, such as Arizona or Florida. In these situations a flip windshield may be a better choice.

Half Windscreen

“Half” Screens

“Half” windshields fill the bottom half of the window space and won’t give complete protection from errant golfing shots as the full windshield. Half windscreens will also not be permitted to be fitted to street legal carts in many states for several safety reasons.

Where a half screen may be appropriate is for utility carts that are used for commercial uses, either on the course by grounds staff or for other situations such as airports, industrial complexes, farms and other large properties. These types of applications don’t really need the complete safety protection that a full windshield offers, but a lower half screen will still provide some protection when driving.

Half screens are also fitted to many custom golf cars as they sometimes complement the appearance of a custom cart body.

Flip Screen

“Flip” Windshields

Then there are two-piece designs, called “flip screens”, which are a compromise between a full and half windshield. A flip screen allows the top half of the screen to fold forward providing welcome cool airflow when it’s used on hot days. However, when half windshields are folded down they don’t offer the full safety protection of a full screen and shouldn’t be used in this configuration during a round on a course.

Flip screens are easy to fit and utilize a mounting frame and rubber securing blocks which hold the screen in place when it is in it’s folded position.


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