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Electric and Gas Golf Carts for Sale

If you need to find an used golf carts, either gas or electric powered and parts for your current ride then our FREE classified ads can help you out. We list a variety of used carts, parts and accessories that you can buy from classified ads from private owners and dealers.

  • Gas Golf Carts

    Gas Powered Carts for Sale

    A gas powered cart can be used on a golf course or in your private community, or as a utility vehicle to transport people or equipment around your local course, industrial plant or a farm property. Browse used models from Ez-Go, Club Car, Yamaha as well as modified custom and limos.

  • Electric Golf Carts

    Electric Carts

    Battery powered carts are the environmentally friendly alternative to a gas engined models, and operate silently on a course or in your retirement community, or to transport people or equipment in an airport, industrial plant or power station. Browse battery powered models from Ez-Go, Club Car, Yamaha as well as modified custom and limos.

  • Mechanical Upgrade Parts

    Mechanical Parts

    To keep gas powered carts running at optimum performance, from time to time you may need to buy parts to replace or even upgrade some parts to make it faster or to handle rougher terrain. Browse our classified ad listings of engine parts, lift kits, wheels and tires, and brakes.

  • Exterior Parts

    Exterior Parts

    Just like a road car, a gas or electric golf carts' appearance can be modified, with different body panels, windshields and custom lights.

  • Interior Parts

    Interior Parts

    The interior of a vehicle can suffer from a lot of wear and tear, due to it being exposed to the elements. If you need replacement seat covers, seat belts or new flooring mats, browse the classified listings in this category.

  • Accessories


    Once you have purchased a vehicle you will want to add certain accessories that will make things more convenient when you're using it. Rain enclosures, storage covers and racks for your clubs, hunting weapons and storage boxes are listed here.


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