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    Golf Cart Heaters

    Golf Cart Heaters - Electric & Coleman Gas

    Coleman propane heater

    Propane & Electric Heaters

    Any golfer that plays through the winter or who live in cold climates will appreciate the importance of keeping warm. Golf cart heaters let you warm up between shots during a round of golf on a cold day by keeping the passenger compartment warm. For the best results you must also fit a rain enclosure which fully envelops the passengers and keeps all of the warmth inside.

    Electric and Coleman Propane Heaters

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    There are two main types of heaters that can be used in carts. The most popular type are propane heaters that utilize gas canisters that are readily available from camping and outdoor stores to provide heat. There are also electric heaters that take their power from your electrical systems. Electric heaters are more suited to electric golf cars as they have a larger battery capacity from which to draw power to provide the heat. The most popular type of propane heaters are made by Coleman and have the advantage of not sapping power from your batteries. This means they are an excellent option for owners of gas powered carts.

    Heaters are also suitable for utility carts, off-road hunting carts or in other applications where the cart will be used in colder weather. Many owners will drive their carts off-road during darkness which tends to be cooler and heaters will help combat these low temperatures.

    Both electric and propane gas heaters, are suitable for all carts from the major manufacturers. When fitting electric heaters it is important to get someone who is familiar with electrical systems to help as changes to the wiring loom and battery connections may be required. It’s also useful to buy a quality golf car battery charger and look after your batteries as there will be extra current draw on the battery system.

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