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    Used Electric Custom Golf Carts

    Electric Custom Golf Carts for Sale

    Hummer electric lifted golf car turns heads

    Browse our classified ad listings of new and used electric custom golf carts to find the perfect modified electric powered models. Why buy a new one and modify it yourself, when you can buy used custom electric carts for sale here that have been modified already?

    Just like your road car, electric battery powered carts can be modified to suit the owners own tastes. Electric powered custom carts can be fitted with shiny alloy wheels, suspension kits, high output batteries, leather seats and bodywork in any color you desire.

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    Lifted Carts

    The most popular custom modification is to fit a lift kit. Lifted electric carts will provide better ground clearance for driving over bumpy or rocky off-road terrain and makes sure that the underside of the vehicle will not get stuck. A lift kit may also have been fitted with larger wheels and deep tread all-terrain tires which give better grip for the muddy terrain that will be most likely encountered off-road. Lifted vehicles are also popular with owners who don’t go off-road as the lifted look is more aggressive and enhances the appearance of alloy wheels.

    If you prefer more power, gas custom golf cars are also available and feature the same modifications, such as aftermarket bodies, uprated engines, larger rims and seats.

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