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    E-Z-Go Bumpers & Brush Guards

    E-Z-Go Golf Cart Brush Guards

    E-Z-Go Bumpers & Brush Guards

    E-Z-Go Bumpers and Brush Guards Fitted

    If you drive your cart off-road or on rough terrain then you will need to fit E-Z-Go bumpers and brush guards to protect bodywork and the suspension. While protecting your E-Z-Go cart, bash guards and bumpers are also a popular custom option that gives your cart a sporting and rugged look. They are available for TXT, RXV, Freedom, Shuttle and other E-Z-Go carts. E-Z-Go golf cart bumpers tend to be made of tubes of various materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel.

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    If your cart is fitted with a lift kit for all-terrain driving then a custom brush guard or bumper will enhance your E-Z-Go cart’s appearance for a tougher, rugged and intimidating look.

    E-Z-Go cart brush guards will provide extra protection for your cart’s suspension, body work and lights when driving off-road. In these locations you are likely to encounter uneven terrain including rocks, tree branches, mud and other obstacles which could damage expensive cart components if a brush guard wasn’t fitted. It’s for this reason that brush guards for E-Z-Go carts are a popular upgrade for off-roading and hunting activities.

    If your E-Z-Go cart is fitted with custom bodywork there may be some modifications to be made so that brush guards and bumpers can be fitted without interfering with the headlights or the body.

    If you want to improve your E-Z-Go cart for a tougher, more rugged appearance then a custom bumpers or bash guard will give it a stylish look that fits in with outdoor vehicles, whether they are being driven on the course, off-road or for general utility use.

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