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    Yamaha Golf Cart Lights

    Yamaha Cart Lights, LED Light Kits

    Yamaha cart lights kit fitted to a golf car

    Yamaha Lights – LED Light Kits

    Yamaha golf cart lights can be fitted to most models of gas or electric Yamaha models including Drive and Concierge. Light kits are usually molded to the shape of the cart’s bodywork for a factory installed look. In order to satisfy local city laws relating to using a low-speed vehicle on the street, there may be a regulation that requires the fitment of a light kit to your Yamaha cart. For driving on the golf course a light kit won’t be needed, but any usage in a utility vehicle capacity would be helped with the fitment of Yamaha golf car lights.

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    There is a growing market for owners to use their Yamaha’s for off-road and hunting trips, as you will likely be driving during dawn or dusk you will benefit from fitting a Yamaha light kit. If you own a custom cart you can also install Yamaha cart lights along with your other modifications, such as a lift kit and custom alloy wheels. After you have installed your golf car light kit it will give a “sports car look” which is more racy.

    Yamaha Light Kits

    Yamaha cart lights are available in several different ways, outlined below:

    • Headlight Kits – all that is needed for driving in low visibility conditions such as dusk, dawn and complete darkness.
    • Tail Light Kits – comes on its own or with a headlight kit. For the brake light to operate a brake switch is installed.
    • Street Legal Light Kits – combines everything for a street legal Yamaha golf car. Headlights, tail lights (with brake lights), turn signals with brake light switch and turn signal stalks.

    To save power on and help extend battery life for electric golf cars the latest LED technology is available in LED light kits. Cheap Yamaha cart lights and LED light kits are listed in our FREE classified ads.

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