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Golf Cart Solar Panels

Solar Charging Roof Panels

Golf Cart Solar Panels - Solar Charging Roof

A solar panel roof

Golf cart solar panels help reduce the charging costs of your electric cart to practically zero. There are several different manufacturers of solar panel roofs which offer excellent benefits to your long term operating costs. Most solar charging panels utilize crystalline photovoltaic technology which turns the suns rays into electrical energy to charge the batteries. The best solar panel performance is during sunny weather, just when you’re most likely to be playing golf, but your batteries will still be charged during cloudy or overcast weather.

Solar charging will:

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  • Help save the planet by going “Green” and reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation.
  • Lower your electricity bills, as solar charging will reduce the cost of charging your batteries by at least 50%.
  • Increase the mileage/range by at least 8 miles per day.
  • Increase your battery life by a minimum of 25% (as continual charging actual improves battery life), and benefit from faster recharging.
  • Solar panels are available to fit most makes and models, and most custom carts.
  • 30% of the purchase price can be applied as a Federal tax credit, and in some states tax on solar products can be avoided completely.

As we can see there are some worthwhile savings that can be gained through using solar panels on carts, offset against the initial up front cost of the solar panel and fitting. To further sweeten the deal there is a 30% Federal tax credit against the cost of the solar panels. These savings makes it worthwhile, even more so for a fleet manager at a golf course where the cost savings through solar charging can be significant.

Most golf cart solar charging panels will replace your existing canopy roof, but are usually easy to install and connect to the batteries.

For ease of fitting a solar charging panel roof will come with a charge controller, which regulates voltage and prevents over charging, and a pre-wired wiring harness for hookup to the battery system. To get the most out of the solar charging system you should also consider fitting new batteries, battery cables and a volt meter to monitor the electric charge levels.

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