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    Used Gas E-Z-Go Golf Carts

    Used EZGo Golf Carts for Sale - Gas

    Used E-Z-Go gas powered vehicles are popular

    A leader in the industry since 1954, E-Z-Go gas golf carts are reliable, durable and have powerful engines. E-Z-Go golf cars are produced for personal and commercial use, including the ST and RXT models.

    An innovator in gas golf carts, over their many years in operation E-Z-Go has invested heavily in the design and manufacture of their products. This ensures that owners can be assured that whatever model they buy they will get a dependable vehicle that is fit for its purpose. A wide range of used E-Z-Go golf cars for sale are available for use in many different types of applications and industries.

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    • Personal use, such as street legal carts
    • Golf course use, in fleet operations, course maintenance, food and drink concessions and hospitality
    • Commercial use, food and beverage operations, hospitality
    • Industrial use, personnel, material & supply transportation

    Used E-Z-Go gas carts for sale are available in many different models depending on their intended use, and for golf course use the most popular current models are the TXT, RXV, Freedom, Shuttle and MPT models. All E-Z-Go gas powered carts feature best in class power and are ideal for applications in which heavy equipment and supplies have to be transported by golf course ground staff. Their latest models use a fuel efficient low emissions engine that produces 10-13hp depending on the engine specified.

    Used E-Z-Go Golf Cars

    E-Z-Go carts are constructed from a strong and durable welded steel frame that is treated with a Durashield epoxy coating. The impact resistant body is available in several colors and they feature energy transfer bumpers prevent damage during low speed collisions. The designers ensure that the interiors are ergonomic for the golfer with ample cup holders, comfortable and resilient seat materials and strong and sturdy bag racks.

    Due to their popularity in the marketplace, E-Z-Go carts are readily available on the used market. Fleet managers are now starting to replace their old gas powered carts for newer electric golf cars so that means you have a great choice of gas powered used E-Z-Go carts at cheap bargain prices. Custom E-Z-Go carts are also becoming more popular as it’s easy to improve the speed and power of gasoline powered carts.

    Cheap E-Z-Go gasoline engined models will provide many years of economical and trouble free use, and are easily customized in the future with performance engine parts for increased speed, as well as lift kits and wheels / tires for that sporty custom look.

    Browse new and used E-Z-Go golf cars for sale on our free classifieds and find one that is ideal for your needs.

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