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    Golf Cart Mirrors

    Golf Cart Mirrors - Side View Mirrors

    Side View Golf Car Mirrors

    Rear View Mirrors; Side View Mirrors

    If you have a street legal cart you may need to install some golf cart mirrors in order to comply with the local laws in order to drive on the street. Mirrors are a vital piece of safety equipment when driving in traffic and will help avoid accident and injury. Rear view mirrors are generally available in three types, side view mirrors that attach to the bodywork, standard rear view mirrors and multi-panel mirrors that are fitted inside the passenger compartment above the windshield. Local street legal vehicle legislation may dictate that you must have both types installed before driving on the road.

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    Side View Cart Mirrors

    Side view golf cart mirrors are positioned on each side of the vehicle and are attached to the body work or the windshield frame with bolts through drilled holes. They offer adjustment so that a rearward view down both sides can be seen by the driver. Usually available with 4 or 5 mirror panels.

    Standard Rear View Mirrors

    Rear view mirrors are exactly the same as those that you will find in your road car and usually attach to the windshield using a suction cup. They can be adjusted to give an excellent rearward view from the drivers seat.

    Multi-Panel “Wink” Rear View Mirror

    For a the best rearward view install a multi-panel or “wink” rear view mirrors. These golf cart mirrors are fitted underneath the canopy roof using the mounting kit supplied.

    Rear view mirrors are available to fit most models of E-Z-Go, Club Car and Yamaha golf cars.

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