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Golf Cart Seat Belts

Golf Cart Seat Belts & Safety Belts

Golf car seat belts

Safety Belts & Lap Belts

Installing golf cart seat belts is an easy way of improving your safety when driving on the golf course or off-road. They are an inexpensive upgrade and a small price to pay for increased safety, and with many custom carts having higher top speeds, safety belts are a must. A seat belt will prevent passengers from being tipped out of the cart in the event of a crash, during tight turning or when going up or down steep gradients. Many carts have lift kits or all-terrain tires fitted as owners will be driving on difficult terrain, and as such safety belts are vital to prevent risk of serious injury. A seat belt is usually a legal requirement if wish your vehicle to be street legal, along with a windshield, lights and street legal DOT tires.

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The vast majority of golf cart seat belts available are “universal”, as they are not manufactured for golfing carts specifically, but can still be fitted to them. Cart seat belts are usually black but are made in a variety of different colors to complement any interior style of your vehicle.

There are several different types of safety belts. 2-Point Belts, also known as lap belts as they do not have any over the shoulder straps. 3-Point Seat Belts are like the ones in regular cars that have a shoulder strap that fits diagonally across the chest. 4-Point Seat Belts have two straps that go over the shoulders with a lap belt, just like those used in race cars and are sometimes fitted to custom golf cars.

Retractable seat belts keep the “belt” straps out of the way when not in use, just like the ones found in your regular road car and are usually of the 3 Point type. Non-retractable ones need to be adjusted to fit your passenger, usually with a simple pull of the belt and are usually of the 2-Point and 4-Point type.

There are also two different methods used to release the seat belt, push button release like a standard safety belt and lever release like in an aeroplane.

Seat belts are available for all models of E-Z-Go, Club Car and Yamaha.

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