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    Golf Cart Parts


    Golf Cart Brakes

    After increasing the speed, make sure you can stop. Brake upgrades & parts.

    Hi-Speed Gears

    Hi-Performance Gear Sets

    Easily increase your top speed without any engine work. Makes it easier to haul heavy loads.

    Speed Controllers

    Performance Speed Controllers

    Swap a little electronic box to increase the top speed of your cart.

    Lift Kits

    Golf Cart Parts, Lift Kits

    Jack up your cart for off-road terrain or improved looks.

    Wheels and Tires

    Wheel & Tire Golf Cart Parts

    Fit big wheels & tires for a custom look or improve traction off-road.


    Performance Golf Cart Batteries

    Replace your old worn out batteries for increased performance, speed and range.

    Battery Chargers

    Battery Chargers

    Replenish your battery power with easy to use chargers that also extend their useful life.

    Battery Cables,Connectors & Gauges

    Golf Cart Battery Cables & Connectors

    Replace tired and broken battery wiring and monitor battery charge with a gauge.

    Battery Repair &
    Recon Kits

    Golf Cart Battery Repair Kits

    Bring those old batteries back to life with a battery repair kit.

    Battery Watering Kits

    Battery Watering Kits

    Keep your batteries in tip-top condition and extend their life with a watering kit.

    Electric Motors

    Electric Golf Cart Motors

    Increase your speed and power by replacing your cart motors.

    Air/Oil & Fuel Filters

    Gas Golf Cart Filters Kit

    Keep your cart’s gas engine in good running order with a filter service kit.

    Clutches & Clutch Kits

    Gas Golf Cart Clutch

    Replace a worn cart clutch for a perfect speedy start every time.

    Engines & Engine Parts

    Performance Gas Golf Cart Engines

    Replace that old gas engine with a high output performance gas motor.

    Exhausts & Mufflers

    Gas Golf Cart Performance Mufflers

    A performance exhaust muffler gives you a little extra power and a great sound.

    Fuel System Parts

    Gas Golf Cart Performance Fuel System

    For the best performance make sure your fuel system is working properly.

    Engine Starters

    Hi-Performance Starters for Gas Golf Carts

    Make sure your high performance engine starts perfectly every time.

    Tune Up Kits

    Tune Up Kits for Gas Carts

    Give your gas cart engine a performance boost with a tune-up kit.

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    Golf Cart Performance & Speed Parts

    If you are looking for performance golf cart parts to improve the speed of your cart then you will find them here. We list EZGo golf cart parts, Club Car golf cart parts and Yamaha golf cart parts. Whether you have a gas or electric cart there are new and used golf cart parts that you can install to your ride which will improve the power and top speed. Many performance golf cart parts are easy to fit, but some will require a skilled technician to install.

    EZGo Golf Cart Parts

    There are many performance EZGo golf cart parts to buy, as EZGo are one of the most popular manufacturers in the industry. If you are looking for EZGO golf cart parts for your ST and RXT cart then you will have lots of options. The most popular EZGO golf cart parts are lift kits, larger wheels and gas and electric speed parts designed to make the cart go faster.

    Club Car Golf Cart Parts

    Club Car golf cart parts are available for Precedent, the Villager and DS Player carts. The Precedent is one of the most popular carts and there are many Club Car golf cart parts to be found for this model. Some of the custom Club Car golf cart parts include lift kits, custom bodies and electric speed parts to improve performance.

    Yamaha Golf Cart Parts

    Yamaha golf cart parts can be found for the Drive, Concierge and Adventurer models. There are many Yamaha golf cart parts available which will allow you to customize your cart or increase its speed. Although there are less Yamaha golf cart parts available compared to the other manufacturers, you should still be able to find parts easily, including lift kits, wheels & tires and battery and engine speed parts.

    A lot of custom golf carts will have performance golf cart parts installed to increase the top speed or pulling power of the cart. For a complete performance upgrade to your cart have a look at the interior golf cart parts, exterior golf cart parts and the golf cart accessories.

    Gas Golf Cart Performance Parts

    You can fit lots of gas golf cart performance parts to increase the speed and power of your cart. If you fit larger wheels and tires or a lift kit then you will need more power to compensate. For the best performance increase you can always get a brand new gas golf cart engine which has more power. Then fit a set of hi-speed gears to increase the top speed further. A golf cart muffler will finish off your speed upgrades, giving the engine a nice sound when driving. If you’re using the cart off-road or to haul cargo and equipment then fitting performance golf cart parts is a must to deal with the extra weight and hilly or muddy driving conditions.

    Electric Golf Cart Speed Parts

    There are lots of performance parts for electric golf carts to fit for increasing the power or top speed. If you’re driving off-road then you will need more power to deal with the hills and mud you will be driving through. A speed controller combined with new performance electric motors will increase both the power and top speed of your electric cart. It’s also a good idea to replace your golf cart batteries to ensure you get the highest level of performance out of the drive system. To keep your electric cart at peak performance used a good quality golf cart battery charger and install a battery watering kit.

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