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    Golf Cart Battery Cables

    Electric Golf Cart Battery Cables

    Battery cables in electric carts

    Golf Car Electric Gauges and Meters

    Electric carts will come equipped with a number of batteries which are connected together using golf cart battery cables to power the electric motors, providing the motion. For optimum performance of the battery system the cables must be in good condition which will allow the batteries to provide the optimum amount of power. Fitting good quality cables will also ensure a long life to your golf car batteries as they will be at their most efficient when operating within their specifications.

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    There are several different voltages of batteries that are commonly used, such as 6V, 8V and 12V and differing number of batteries that are installed. This will dictate the gauge of the battery cables and how many are required. Custom carts that have had their motors or batteries upgraded will require heavy duty cables. Good maintenance also dictates that the battery cable connectors are in good condition to ensure a good contact when installed.

    Battery Meters

    Use a battery gauge or meter to keep an eye on battery voltage and amps, which will indicate if charging is required. A battery charge meter will also tell you if there is a problem with the batteries before they leave you stranded out on the golf course.

    For electric custom carts it is advised to install a voltage meter as these types of carts are usually upgraded with high performance electric motors, speed controllers and larger wheels which can put extra strain on the power system. This will help ensure that you are able to keep your batteries operating at optimal performance.

    We list golf cart battery cables, gauges and cable connectors for sale that are suitable for all electric EZ-Go, Club Car and Yamaha carts.

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