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    Golf Cart Battery Repair / Fix / Renew

    Golf Cart Battery Repair / Refurbishment

    A battery repair kit

    Golf Car Battery Refresh Saves Money

    A golf cart battery repair kit will renew or refresh your batteries so that they can be charged and used. These battery refresh kits usually contain a dry mix of chemicals to which you just add distilled water and it will refurbish and recondition your golf car batteries.

    If your electric vehicle has been sitting for any long period of time and you attempt to use it after using a battery charger, you may discover that lead acid batteries simply do not maintain a charge for very long. You could also find that even after they have been charged, the batteries just don’t perform as well as before you stored the vehicle, if they will hold a charge at all. The reason for this is because the electrodes (lead plates) in the batteries have experienced sulfation.

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    Battery Repair Kit Chemicals

    When this occurs it does not necessarily mean that you need new batteries. A golf cart battery repair kit can be used to bring the batteries back to life with ease. The chemicals within battery repair kits are mixed with distilled water and added to the cells within the batteries and get to work removing the sulfation through a chemical reaction. Once the battery repair chemicals have done their job your batteries can be charged and will power your golf car as normal.

    Using a battery refresh kit will save you 100′s of dollars in replacement costs. It’s worth spending less than $15 on a golf cart battery restore kit than buying even one new battery.

    Repair and fix old batteries, refresh and renew E-Z-Go, Club Car and Yamaha batteries. This also works on car batteries.

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