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    Gas Golf Cart Exhausts for Sale

    Gas Golf Cart Exhaust

    Custom exhaust headers for gas carts

    Mufflers and Exhausts

    Golf cart exhausts take the waste gases of the combustion process and expel them from the engine. These gases are hot and poisonous and must be prevented from entering the passenger compartment which is why the exhaust pipe and muffler system extends out from the back of the vehicle.

    The job of the muffler is to try to silence, or muffle, the sound of the explosions that are happening in the engine. When gas powered carts are used on the golf course, or other noise sensitive environment, it is important to have a properly operating exhausts and mufflers. If gas carts are to be operated away from the golf course this is less of an issue but you must be aware of noise level laws when using it on the street.

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    If your exhaust is too loud, has a leak or is damaged in any way you will have to replace it. You could just get the exact same exhaust system that is recommended for your vehicle, or you could fit a performance exhaust and muffler. A performance gas engine header will improve the gas flow out of the gas engine and combined with a performance muffler will help your engine produce more power. A performance gas muffler will also make gas carts sound sportier, just in the same way that a performance exhaust fitted you your car would.

    Golf cart exhausts, exhaust gaskets and valves for E-Z-Go, Club Car and Yamaha carts.

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    EZGO TXT Headers


    EZGO TXT Headers

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