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    Golf Cart All Terrain Tires

    Golf Cart Tires - All Terrian & Off Road Tires

    All Terrain Tire with Aluminum Wheel

    Off-Road Tires and Wheels

    Buy all-terrain golf cart tires if you intend to drive “off road” in muddy or slippery conditions. An off-road tire will offer greater grip than standard ones due to the larger and deeper treads. Fitment of larger all-terrain tires may also require a lift kit, which also gives greater ground clearance over difficult terrain which is more likely to be encountered in off-road uses.

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    All-Terrain Tire Applications

    All-terrain tires for golf carts are suitable for use in many different scenarios where slippery or rough terrain will be encountered, such as hunting or if it’s to be used on a farming property. If there is difficult terrain on a golf course then carts that are used by ground staff will often require off-road tires to provide better grip in these situations.

    Off-Road Tire and Wheel Packages

    Off-road tires can be bought separately, together with custom rims or as a wheel/tire and lift kit combo package. All-terrain tires are available in the most popular wheel sizes, including 10 inch and 12 inch, and are suitable for fitting onto steel, aluminum and chrome wheels.

    All-terrain tire and wheel kits for sale are suitable for all EZ-Go, Club Car and Yamaha golf cars.

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