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Harley Davidson Golf Carts Guide

Harley Davidson Golf Cart

A 3-wheeled Harley Davidson cart

When you hear the words “Harley Davidson” you will automatically think of motorcycles which they have produced since the turn of the 20th Century. But Harley Davidson produced golf carts from 1963 to until 1969 when they sold the division to AMF who continued using the Harley name until they sold it to Columbia Par Car.

The first Harley Davidson golf carts were three wheeled models but they did eventually switch to four wheeled carts as they are more stable on difficult terrain. The 3 wheeled carts are now the most popular amongst collectors as they have a very classic golf cart look and the Harley Davidson name. These older carts have been appreciating in value and are now difficult to find.

The 3 wheel carts have two wheels at the back which are driven by the engine or electric motors and one wheel at the front that steers. The unique feature of the 3 wheel carts is that they steer with a tiller steering handle, rather than a steering wheel.

Many collectors of these carts are interested in a model known as the “Classic”. The main reason for this is that the Classic has a hinged rear body section that makes it rather special. The rear end of the cart can be tilted up to give easy access to the gas engine or batteries. This make maintenance a breeze as all the main mechanical workings are simple to get to.

Harley golf carts were powered by a two cycle, 250 cc gas engine that was used in both the 4 wheelers and 3 wheeler models. Electric Harley carts were not as popular as gas and were produced in low numbers. They were powered by 6 – six volt batteries to give a 36 volt power system.

Restoring a Harley Davidson Cart

Many Harley carts are now being restored to their former glory and due to their age Harley cart parts are difficult to come by. If you are restoring one you will have to look hard for any parts in salvage yards or on the internet, particularly cart forums and eBay.

Buying a fully restored Harley cart will always be the more economical option than restoring one. The difficulty with restoration is finding the Harley Davidson cart parts needed to complete the job and get it back to fully working condition. As with most things these days the internet will be the best bet for hunting down those hard to find parts. Harley cart enthusiasts can usually be found on golf car forums and posting a quick question may lead you to finding the part that you’re looking for. Failing that, there are always specialist cart websites that have original or reproduction parts that can be used. Then there is always Craigslist or eBay.

Harley Davidson Cart Parts

Browse the listings of used Harley Davidson golf carts for sale and Harley cart parts, which you will need if you’re restoring one of these classic vehicles.


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