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How to Prepare your Electric Golf Cart for Summer

Prepare Electric Golf Cart for Summer

Prepare your electric cart for summer use

In many parts of the country it is not possible to play golf through the winter and many golfers might not even want to due to the cold, wet and windy weather conditions. Many courses will actually shut down and not allow any players on the course if there is regular snow, ice or frosty conditions. This means that countless numbers of electric carts will be sat unused in a garage, car port or left on a driveway for several months until conditions improve.

This can also be the case for street legal carts as they are not as weather proof as a regular car, even with a rain enclosure fitted. When it’s raining or snowing outside it’s usually safer to take your road car to the store rather than your cart.

As the summer months are approaching many owners will bring their golf carts out of winter hibernation so they can be used again in the good weather. As with any vehicle that has not been used in some time there are several things that have to be checked before an it’s ready for regular use.

This is also the perfect time to upgrade your electric powered cart with some new parts to make your cart work a lot better. Here are a few simple things to consider so that you will have the perfect vehicle for summer use.

Check Batteries

The batteries are the most important system as they provide the power that keeps you going as is the first item that should be checked. The last thing that you want to happen is that you slow to a halt, and end up stranded at the far end of the golf course or miles from your home on a city street.

Cart Batteries

Look after your batteries so you won't get stranded

Proper charging and maintenance of cart batteries ensures that they keep their charge and last their quoted lifetime. You did leave your batteries connected to a battery conditioner (or trickle charger) over the winter, didn’t you?

Oh dear. You’d better use a good quality battery charger to charge them and hope that they give you enough power for a full round of golf. If not you might have to buy some new batteries, such as Trojan, and dispose of those old ones (in an environmentally friendly way of course).

After charging the batteries their water level should be checked and filled with distilled water if they require it. Better still, invest in a battery watering kit which will automatically keep the water level at the optimum level.

Finally make sure that the battery cables and connectors are in good condition and that they are secure against the battery terminals. The motors will not get the power they need if the terminals are corroded or if there is a loose connection.

Fit a Drinks Cooler

Beverage Cooler Kits

A cooler will keep your drinks as cold as ice

There’s nothing worse that having to drink warm liquid during hot weather. Keep your refreshments nice and cold with a drinks cooler. Fill it with ice and your drinks will be kept at a refreshing coldness for a few hours.

Check Condition of the Wheels and Tires

The only contact to the pavement that you have through the wheels and tires. For efficient braking and cornering the tires must be inflated to the correct pressure, have a good amount of tread and not be damaged.

Wheels & Tires

Check tires for tread and pressure

Before you drive off for the first time this summer make sure that all of the tires are inflated to the correct pressure and that the wheels are securely fasted to the hubs. The tires should be inspected to make sure that the treads are not bald or have any surface cracks. As a matter of course it is generally recommended that the tires should be replaced every five years, regardless of how much they have been used.

If you have a street legal cart there are specific laws and regulations relating to DOT tires that are used on the public highways. Good maintenance is doubly important for these types of carts.

Fit a Roof Solar Panel for Battery Charging

Solar Panel Roof

Save on charging costs with a solar panel

Run your electric cart practically for free? Too good to be true? solar panels are now available that can charge your batteries as you drive around. The solar charging panels available on the market today provide enough juice to keep cart batteries topped up and actually lengthen their operating life.

Recharging after using the cart is greatly reduced and many owners report that they only need to connect to a power point for charging once a week. This saves on electricity costs and is greener for the environment.


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