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How to Prepare your Gas Golf Cart for Summer

For many golfers the spring season means that their gas engined cart finally makes it out of the garage and is ready for the long golfing season ahead. It’s time to remove the storage cover and clean the dust off the windshield and start to get it ready for the summer.

Gas Golf Cart Maintenance for Summer

Before using your ride in the summer perform maintenance tasks

As with any motor vehicle there’s a certain number of maintenance tasks that have to be followed in order for a gas engined cart to operate reliably. Just like the gas engine in your car, the engine in gas carts should undergo regular maintenance with oil changes and inspections of the transmission. If you don’t look after it properly at some point in the future you’ll have to buy a used golf cart to take its place, which is going to be expensive.

As it’s been locked away in your garage, or under a cover on your driveway, now is a good time to take care of a few things before you start to drive it on the golf course or the street. A gas engine has a lot of moving parts, a lot more than an electric model, so making sure regular maintenance is done when required will improve its performance and extend its lifetime.

The last thing that you need is to have a breakdown on the course or leaving you stranded away from home. Spending a little money on maintenance now will save you money on repairs later.

This is also a great time to look at upgrading with some new performance parts, such as a lift kit, new alloy wheels or new seat covers. Here are a few simple things to take care of before using your ride through the summer.

Change the Oil/Air/Fuel Filters

Gas Engined Cart Filters Kit

Gas Engine Oil, Fuel & Air Filter Kit

Gas engined carts have three types of filters that have to be regularly changed, an oil filter, air filter and fuel filter. These filters prevent any contaminants and particles that may be present within these fluids from getting into the engine which could cause poor running or at worst, permanent damage to the engine.

Cart engine filters will clog up with particles over time so should be changed once a year to ensure smooth and reliable performance. Each model of gas powered cart will need specific filters for that particular cart so make sure you know the make, model and year that you need when ordering these parts.

Invest in a Beverage Cooler

There’s nothing worse on a hot summers day than drinking a warm drink when you need to cool off. Prevent this from happening to you by fitting a beverage cooler that can hold several drinks and keep that cold and ready to drink. Fill the cooler with a bag of ice and throw in your favorite drinks and you’re ready to roll.

Coolers are easy to fit and have a plug in the bottom to drain the melted icy water that’s left after your round.

Check Wheels and Tires

Many people think that the condition of the tires is not important because carts does not travel as fast as a car. But golf cart tires are still very important in making sure that your cart has good grip on cart paths and the grass fairway. The condition of the tires is even more important on a street-legal vehicle as there are laws and regulations relating to tread depth and condition.

Golf Cart Wheels & Tires

Check tires for tread condition and pressure

Tires should be checked for good tread depth to make sure that there is an ample amount of tread, and the tire should not have any visible surface cracks in the rubber. The rubber in old tires will start to degrade and crack and at this point it will be time to replace the tire for safety reasons.

The wheels should also be checked for any cracks or damage and replaced if any are found. Before driving tighten the wheel nuts to the manufacturer specified torque to ensure that nothing comes loose when it’s being driven. If you’re thinking of adding a bit of bling to your cart, a new set of alloy wheels will freshen up your cart’s look.

Check the Windshield

Cart Windshields

Check windshield for cracks

Whether you’re driving your gas cart on the golf course or the street, your windshield is one of the most important safety features. Check the windshield for any cracks or discoloration that will prevent your vision from the drivers seat. A severe crack in the windshield may not protect you from an errant golf ball so it’s important to replace a damaged windshield before it’s driven.

If you drive on the street a full windshield (with wiper) is usually mandatory, so switch on the wiper and check that it clears the screen of water. If not replace the wiper blade for a new one.

Service the Engine with a Tune Up Kit

Gas Cart Tune Up Kits

A Tune Up Kit contains Filters and a Spark Plug

While you are changing the filters (outlined above) and the engine oil, now would be a good time to install a engine tune-up kit. A tune-up kit usually contains a new drive belt, starter belt, oil filter, spark plug and other perishable items that need to be replaced when you service your gas engine.

Replacing these parts on a regular basis, as per your carts maintenance schedule, will ensure that your cart runs sweetly and gets the gas mileage you expect. This will save you money in gas costs in the long run. As with the filter kits, you should know which make, model and year before ordering a tune-up kit as they are specific for each model.

If you don’t own a gas cart, then this electric cart maintenance guide may be what you’re looking for.


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