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Lifted Golf Carts Guide

Custom Lifted Golf Carts

A custom lifted golf cart

Lifted golf carts are becoming more and more popular as many owners are using their vehicles off road for hunting and fishing trips, outdoor recreational activities and even for farm work on large ranches. Stock golf cars are not suited to drive over rough and slippery terrain as they have low ground clearance and tires that are suited to paved paths on the country club.

Suspension ‘Lift’ for Off-Road Driving

To allow for greater ground clearance a lifted cart is modified with raised suspension which aids travel over dirt tracks and rough back roads. A lift kit gives greater clearance to help them conquer rough rocky surfaces and water that will be encountered on off-road trails.

Custom tires are usually fitted to lifted golf cars to further enhance their off-road capabilities. Custom off-road tires are slightly larger than stock and feature deeper treads which will cut through muddy surfaces and provide more grip. This is advantageous when driving uphill or downhill on an off-road track that is slippery due to rain or snow. The deep treads on off-road tires will also help traction on sandy or loose dirt surfaces.

A popular upgrade to a lifted cart is the fitment of larger wheels which can also increase the ground clearance. Many owners of custom carts will fit alloy or chrome wheels which enhance the look of the cart. However, these larger wheels may not be suited to off-road applications as the tires fitted are usually of a low profile and without the chunkier treads.

A stock golf cart can be made into a lifted golf cart through the fitment of a ‘lift kit‘ which consists of replacement suspension parts. Aftermarket suspension lift kits are available for all the major cart brands, including Club Car, E-Z-Go and Yamaha. The main consideration when upgrading to a lifted suspension is the ‘lift’ height that you wish to achieve. This will depend on the intended use for the vehicle, as the rougher and rockier the terrain the higher the ‘lift’ that will be required. The height of the lift may also depend on the final ‘look’ that the owner wishes to have, or if a heavy-duty cargo bed is fitted.

Buying Lifted Golf Carts

You can buy carts already fitted with a lift kit from many dealers or online through our classified ads. When buying any used carts for sale you should always check it over thoroughly for any mechanical or electrical problems. Take it for a test drive and make sure it accelerates, brakes and turns correctly. Drive over some rough terrain and listen for any unusual noises from the suspension. As lifted carts have been modified after leaving the factory pay particular attention to the suspension kit that has been fitted. Any worn, loose or wrongly fitted parts will cause the ride to feel vague, noisy or unsteady.

Lifted carts are usually more expensive than stock models, but buying one with a lift kit already fitted by the previous owner will always work out cheaper that fitting a lift kit to a brand new cart.


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