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Natalie Gulbis and the Custom Golf Cart

Natalie Gulbis Custom Golf Carts

Natalie Gulbis poses next to the Golf Channel's new cart

Custom golf carts come in all shapes and sizes and increasing numbers of golfers and making a style statement on the course. The most popular upgrade for custom carts is the fitting of a lift kit. Lifted carts ride a lot higher from the ground and often are also fitted with custom wheels.

Some owners make interior upgrades to their custom golf cars with new dash panels, LCD monitors and sound systems, and customized custom seats. For the more subtle upgrade the first thing to be changed are the wheels. A straight swap for alloy or chrome style wheels of the same size are a simple upgrade, but fitting custom wheels that are larger may require extra clearance necessitating the fitment of spacers or for the largest wheels, a lift kit.

During a recent visit to the Golf Channel studio LPGA star Natalie Gulbis showed us a custom cart suspended on the wall of the studio set.

This one featured a large LCD monitor mounted where the seat should be and Natalie Tweeted this news after her visit, and this ride is not going to be used on the course.

Owners also customize their carts with sound systems which utilize audio equipment normally found in road cars. Electric carts are ideal for this upgrade as they already feature powerful batteries for the drivetrain that can also be used to power the audio system. The large LCD TV in the one pictured is probably too large to be practical, but smaller panels are installed to display audio system information, video, or GPS displays.


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