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Sky Caddie SG2.5 Golf GPS

One of the best recent innovations in golf technology has been the application of GPS systems to golfing range finders. The Sky Caddie SG 2.5 is the latest in a line of GPS range finders from SkyGolf.

The SG2.5 is an advanced GPS system that offers SkyGolf’s innovative IntelliGreen(TM) technology which gives you an birds eye view of any hole of the course that you are playing. An on screen cross hair allows you to determine the yardage to any point on the green, and shows the orientation of the green from your angle of approach.

Sky Caddie SG2.5

The Sky Caddie SG2.5 GPS Unit

In contrast to a laser range finder, with GPS you do not need line of sight to the flag to determine the distance. This is perfect if your approach to the green is obscured by trees or a large change in elevation.

Golf GPS Yardages

For tee and approach shots, yardages to features such as bunkers and water hazards are clearly given, allowing you to plan your strategy for every hole. This will allow you to always play a safe shot or layup in front of a hazard.

The yardages are continuously updated as you walk the course, the speed of which is improved on the new SkyGolf GPS SG2.5 model over the older SG2. Each individual shot distance can be measured, a handy feature that can help to hone pitching shot distance on the practice range.

The SG2.5 GPS is a great improvement over the outgoing SG2 model being lighter, only 3.8 ounces, and smaller, more accurate and waterproof. The SG2.5 also comes with a built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery giving over 14hrs of continual use.

Professionally Mapped Courses

SkyGolf offer over 10,000 courses that have been professionally mapped by their experts around the world, available with a subscription to their DirectConnect online service starting at $29.95 per year.

If your favorite course is not available, you can request it to be professionally mapped, or use the SG2.5 to map the course yourself. However, you will not get some of the advanced golf GPS features, such as targets and hazard yardages, when you map the course yourself.

The SG2.5 golf GPS is small enough to carry in your pocket, but accessories are available to clamp it to your push cart or electric or gas golf cart.

Sky Caddie SG2.5 Features

This advanced golf GPS receiver features:

  • IntelliGreen technology
  • Outdoor Readable Display
  • Weatherproof Casing
  • Lightweight Design
  • Instant Yardages to greens and hazards


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