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Sourcing Golf Cart Parts

Golf Cart Parts Salvage

Sourcing spare parts is easy

Do you need to repair or service your golf cart? If so then you will need golf cart parts for your E-Z-Go, Club Car or Yamaha golf car. No matter how well its looked after at some point in its life you will need to buy a spare part. Perhaps you are restoring a cheap cart that you have just bought so its back to working condition or you are preparing one for sale and need to make it look its best.

Golf carts are built from hundreds of different parts, many of which can be damaged during driving and others that need to be replaced from time to time. Most spare parts can be replaced by new ones that are sourced from our classified ads, supplier websites or auction sites like eBay.

Cart Body Parts

Cart bodies are usually made from glass fiber which is resistant to small bumps and scrapes but can crack if it’s driven into hard objects such as trees or walls. All of the body panels can be unbolted easily and replacement panels fitted within an hour or two. You can even buy complete body kits that look like a classic car for a custom look for your ride.

Replacement Gas Cart Engine Parts

Just like an auto engine a cart’s gas engine has many moving parts that need to be kept in good working order for the engine to work at its best. Poorly running engines will not start properly and may not produce enough power to drive when fully loaded. A regular servicing schedule must be followed if your engine is to last a long time.

Engine and fuel system parts such as air filters, spark plugs, oil and fuel filters should be inspected at regular intervals and replaced if necessary. These “consumable” cart parts are cheap to buy and should be quite easy to find online for any particular model.

Electric Cart Spare Parts

Electric golf carts have less moving parts than their gas powered equivalents, but as there is electricity involved the power system must be regularly checked to ensure that it is safe. A badly maintained electric cart can be a electrocution and fire risk.

Electric cart spares, such as batteries, motors and speed controllers, are very reliable and should last many years without needing replacement. Cheaper components, like battery cables, should be inspected frequently and replaced if they show signs of wear.

E-Z-Go Cart Parts

E-Z-Go components are available at most good cart shops for the most popular models, such as TXT and RXV. As there are many different E-Z-Go models with different specifications and it’s important that you know the model and serial number before ordering anything. This is especially important on older models as you may have to source these harder to find E-Z-Go replacement parts from eBay or Craigslist. E-Z-Go spares can even be bought direct from the manufacturers website.

Club Car Spares

There are hundreds of dealers across the country that are able to source Club Car parts and spares. If you have a Precedent or DS Player it shouldn’t be too much trouble to find new components, even on eBay.

Yamaha Golf Car Parts

Parts for Yamaha carts might be a touch more difficult to source than the other two main manufacturers as they will have fewer dealers. However, Yamaha parts should be easy to find on the internet particularly on sites such as eBay which list items from all over the country.

Sources of Golf Car Parts

Whatever components and spare parts that you need, they can be found online. There are many dealers and part shops that now have websites where you can order the exact part and get it delivered fast. Auction sites, such as eBay, have hundreds of items listed from many different suppliers across the country and are usually listed at the best prices.

Wherever you buy your components from it’s important to make sure that you order the correct part. There are many different models that are produced by each manufacturer and a part for one particular model year can be different than a part for another year. The information you’ll need before contacting a supplier:

  • Manufacturer and Model
  • Model Year
  • Serial Number
  • If it’s gas engine or electric battery power


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