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Top 5 Custom Golf Carts

Golf carts that you see around your local golf course are generally a bit boring. Boringly slow, boringly green or beige and driven by boring old men.

Not any more! Shops that specialize in custom golf carts are transforming the regular golf car into something you’d actually like to be seen driving.

There are many different custom options, including custom golf cart bodies, custom engine upgrades and custom wheels and tires.

Check out these electric and gas golf carts below that come with large alloy wheels, custom bodywork with fancy paint jobs and kicking sound systems. These custom golf rides are sure to impress your playing partners during your Saturday morning Nassau.

5. Harley Engined Gas Cart

Harley Engined Custom

Jacked up high with a custom lift kit and sporting large aluminum wheels and a custom paint job this cart looks pretty smart. But its party piece is the Harley 1000cc Ironhead V-Twin motor.

This is probably one of the fastest carts out there and definitely will have coolest sounding exhaust note.

Photo courtesy of Tikitoys.net – http://www.tikitoys.net/Harley.htm

4. California Roadster

California Roadster Custom

There is nothing more American than driving down the highway in a custom hot rod with a thumping V8 motor providing the soundtrack. For the same effect but with a powerplant that is a little more environmentally friendly, how about this electric battery powered California roaster .

Uber-cool hot rod looks on a small scale that could be registered for road use with its functioning headlights, tail lights and turn signals.

Photo courtesy of californiaroadster.com – http://californiaroadster.com/roadster_features.html

3. Luxury Bentley Golf Cart

Bentley Custom Gas Engined Ride

If flashy paint jobs and big stereos are a little too brash for your liking and you need a vehicle to waft you around your large country estate, then a Bentley is the barge of choice. This Bentley custom gas engined cart comes with luxury leather seats, tilting steering wheel and a custom dash with radio.

Its just the thing for ferrying your blue chip shareholding buddies around your exclusive country club in the style that they are accustomed. Just like the real thing, this level of opulence doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting at $22,500.

Photo courtesy of luxurycarts.com – http://www.luxurycarts.com/luxuryRide_cart.htm

2. The Show Stopper

Hummer H2 Custom Golf Cart

SUV’s are all over urban streets and causing environmental havoc according to those wacky environ-mental-ists. So why should the tranquility of the course be spared?

This Hummer H2 look-a-like comes with 20 inch chrome shoes, kick ass stereo and headrest mounted LCD monitors. It’s electric powered, so the lefties will be happy. Priced around 23,000 of your hard earned dollars.

If a H2 isn’t classy enough for you, then the same company will soon be launching a Rolls Royce Phantom version, costing a cool $54000.

Photo courtesy of Bad Ass Golf Carts – http://www.badassgolfcarts.com/cartinfo.php?idcart=47

1. ArcAudio ICE Show Golf Cart

ICE Custom Cart

If you like your car stereo systems, then this is the custom ride for you. The extended custom bodywork was designed purely to hold a large number of large speakers and powerful amps.

As a showcase for an audio company’s products, this will surely upset the concentration of the club captain during his match winning putt.

Photo courtesy of Berline – http://berlinecart.com/


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