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Top 5 Custom Golf Cart Body Upgrades

Custom golf cart bodies are stylish, easy to install and are sure to leave a enduring impression on those who witness it driving by. Fiberglass body panels come in a large variety of designs, colors and shapes are strong, hard wearing and easy to repair. Custom cart bodies are available for all the major manufacturers, including Club Car, E-Z-Go and Yamaha.

For the most dramatic customization options available, here are the Top 5 cart body modifications.

5. Fit fender flares for your big tires.

Many owners who drive off road and out in the wilderness during hunting trips, or as a utility vehicle for a landscaping company. Golf carts used in these situations will often encounter rugged terrain and muddy conditions requiring them to be fitted with a lift kit with custom wheels and off-road tires. The custom wheels and tires fitted for off-road use are often wider than standard offering increased grip on slippery surfaces.

These wide off-road tires may extend out from the standard cart body necessitating the fitment of fender flares. These flares cover up the portion of the cart tire that sticks out from the body, improving safety and preventing mud and water from spraying around when traveling off-road.

4. Install lighting for night time driving.

If a cart is to be used at night, perhaps as part of your business, or as personal transport on public roads or in your residential neighborhood then fitting a light kit is a necessity. For off-road night time use a headlight kit will be all that it required, but if it’s intended to be driven on the public roads then headlights, tail lights and turn signals may even be a legal requirement.

3. Cargo beds and extra seating.

Rolls Royce Custom Cart Body

A custom Rolls Royce body kit

The majority of standard carts are fitted with seating for two people, but many owners have the requirement to carry more people or cargo. These utility carts are usually found on commercial sites, in golf course maintenance, large industrial sites and airports.

Adding a flip seat will increase the passenger capacity and a cargo bed allows for the transport of additional cargo. Engine upgrades may have to be installed in order to develop more power to haul the additional passenger and cargo weight.

2. Custom paint job.

Most golf cart bodies are painted boring green or beige by the manufacturers at the factory. The easiest and on of the most eye-catching ways to modify standard body panels is to re-paint them. An almost infinite number of colors are available at the paint shop and will transform your ride and attract admiring looks from all.

Don’t just stop with a simple color change, candy colors, flips and metallics take you cart to a new level. Or go the whole hog and get a custom paint job with flames or airbrushed effects, which makes sure your cart stands out from the rest.

1. Custom cart bodies.

For the ultimate in cart body modification, completely replace the standard body with a custom body based on your favorite road car. The different custom bodies available in the market are Roadster, Cadillac, Viper, Hummer, Mustang, Bentley, Mercedes and many many more.

These replacement cart bodies are made from fiberglass and can be fitted by your local body shop. Custom bodies usually require painting as they will be supplied from the manufacturer coated in paint primer. Some owners like to modify their existing ride for playing golf or they save money and buy a used cart that has already been modified.


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