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Tips for Buying Used Custom Golf Carts

Used Custom Golf Carts

Buying a used custom golf cart saves you money

Buying used custom golf carts offers the best value for money as it will always be cheaper to buy a cart that someone else has modified compared to buying a new cart and customizing it yourself. The previous owner of the customized golf cart will have invested a large amount of money on the parts and will never recoup that investment when the it’s sold. Buying a used customized one will also save you money on the labor costs involved in paying a specialized mechanic to install any of the parts or the costs for painting the custom body.

They can be found at many cart dealerships, classified ads, specialized custom shops, or listed on auction websites such as eBay. Dealerships or custom cart shops will have several vehicles for sale that have been checked and inspected and may even come with some sort of warranty. However, this will usually mean that these models are more expensive to buy than custom carts for sale on a classified ads website, such as ours.

Classified Ads for a Cheap Custom Cart

The best deals on cheap custom carts for sale will be found on the internet classified ad sites, such as GCCOnline. We list 100′s of carts for sale from all over the country and due to the large selection this will drive down prices. If a custom cart for sale listed is within your local area you may be able to go and view it, otherwise it is important to make sure you have a good grasp of the condition and parts fitted before you make your bid without seeing it in person. Examine the photos with the classified ad and email the seller questions if you are in doubt about the its condition or modifications.

Whether you’re buying a custom cart on the internet without inspecting it yourself or visiting your local dealer there are a few basic checks to make to ensure that you get a good deal. Its overall condition is important and will give you an idea if it has been looked after by the owner. Regular servicing of the mechanical or electrical systems by a reputable mechanic will give you ease of mind and ensure that it will provide care-free operation for years to come.

Used Custom Cart Prices

The price of a custom cart will primarily depend on the number of aftermarket parts fitted. In general, the more customization that has been performed the higher price it will command. It is important to make sure that any aftermarket parts, such as a golf cart lift kit or engine upgrades, have been installed properly and by a licensed mechanic or custom shop.

Custom Parts Installation

Many owners have fitted custom cart bodies which can be fitted to allow for larger wheels or to even make the cart look like another vehicle, such as a Mustang, Hummer or Rolls Royce. In many cases these body panels have to be fitted by a professional in order to get the best results. This is especially true if the cart has been painted as the best results will only be available to a professional paint shop. The fitment of the body panels and the quality of the paint job should be looked at as this can be an expensive to put right once you have bought the cart.

When looking at the cart’s interior check to make sure the seats don’t have any rips and if the seats are leather make sure that they don’t have excessive wear or damage from exposure to the sun or rain.

Modified gas engined carts will tend to have engine modifications for improved performance, usually for improved power or top speed. As long as a qualified mechanic has installed the engine upgrades there shouldn’t be any problems, but always make sure you check all bills for the work to ensure that the claimed upgrades have been installed.

>Custom electric carts can be modified for a higher top speed or faster acceleration with replacement motors, speed controllers or improved batteries. Check that the correct standard of wiring has been used and that all electrical connections are sound so that there is no risk of electric shock or fire.

However you buy your used custom carts following these tips will help make sure you get a good deal and that the vehicle will provide many years of pleasure around the golf course or on the streets.


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