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Used Golf Carts for Sale – Top 10 Reasons to Buy Used

Many golfers and business owners think that the best option is to buy a brand new model from a dealer, but there are many reasons why buying used golf carts for sale is preferable than buying new. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should buy a used model.

10. Avoid the middle man, the dealer.

When buying a used cart for sale, you have a number of different places to look. You can peruse our classifieds, visit eBay or Craigslist, or opt for a dealer. New carts typically only come from one place – the dealer – so you have limited options when it comes dealing with to salesmen and haggling the price.

9. Use the internet to your advantage, no need to visit a dealer.

The internet marketplace is vast and covers the whole country, giving you the massive selection of electric and gas powered carts for sale to choose from. Your local dealer will not have many models to choose from in stock and many have to order the one you want from the manufacturer. Save time and browse used carts on the internet from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with a pushy salesman at the dealer.

8. More bang for buck – the owner has already paid for the best options.

When you buy a new cart straight from the dealer, you typically pay for every added feature. When you upgrade the cart to include a storage cover, rain guard, sport wheels and paint color you can leave with a total price hundreds of dollars higher than the base price. Used carts with these same features might cost a little extra than those without, but not nearly to the same extent.

7. Used vehicles are just as reliable as new, if inspected before purchase.

Used E-Z-Go Golf Cart for Sale

Used models are the best deals

Although buying a new cart may seem like a more responsible choice, no purchase is guaranteed to be risk-free. Faulty parts, servicing and required maintenance repairs can occur just as frequently with a new purchase as they can with a used model. As long as you have your used cart checked out, making sure genuine manufacturer parts have been used, and you take good care of it, the overall reliability can be just as good as a new one.

6. Trust the seller, buy from friends at the golf club.

Buying a used cart can be daunting, but usually not when you know the seller personally! Buying from a fellow golf club member or a friend’s ride (assuming you know they took good care of it!) is usually not only a financially prudent move, but can strengthen a relationship.

5. Used carts may already be modified.

Many used carts listed for sale on the market have been modified by the current owner. It’s not unusual for an owner to spend thousands of dollars on lift kits, custom bodies, wheels and other accessories. As the owner has already invested the money on these custom parts, it means you don’t have to. The money spent will never be recouped when they sell, meaning you get all the custom parts for a bargain price.

4. There’s a large used golf car market.

Golf courses and cart rental companies regularly renew their old stock with the latest models. The replaced ones fall onto the used market giving you a plentiful supply of used carts to choose from. Buying online on eBay also expands the marketplace nationwide, bringing thousands of second-hand models into your reach.

3. Money saved can be spent on customization.

A second-hand purchase can be considerably cheaper than a new cart, thus saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This money can then be spent on modifying your cart to customize it to your exact requirements. Custom body kits, lift kits and wheels or performance engines are available for E-Z-Go, Club Car and Yamaha carts.

2. Better value than a new golf cart.

The cost savings available with a used golf cart makes them better value for money than buying new. There will be little wiggle room on a new model’s pricing from your local dealer, whereas a used seller may be motivated to sell and you could end up paying a rock bottom price.

1. The best deals are available on eBay.

The carts listed on eBay are generally the best deals available on the internet. Whether you buy from a private auction or through an eBay store, online sales offer the best value for money even when delivery costs are factored in to the sale price. You will also find the greatest selection on eBay, and paying for the cart is easy and secure with the trusted PayPal payment service.

Wherever you purchase a used golf cart, you will always get better value for money than buying new. Shopping online also gives you the widest selection of electric, gas and customized models available and with that choice you’re guaranteed to find exactly what your looking for.


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