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Used Golf Carts for Sale – Things to Check When You Buy

The game of golf can be an expensive business when you total up the cost of all the equipment required so purchasing used golf carts for sale can be a great way to keep costs down. This article will show you what to look for to ensure that you get a good deal.

Refurbishment Level

Take notice that some traders will refurbish their golf carts for sale whereas others will sell them as is. Not only will this make a improvement to their general condition, but will most likely make a difference to the final asking price. Always check with the retailer to get them to describe the work that has been undertaken and then make a decision as to whether you are prepared to do any repair work yourself. Carefully check the cart for sale so that you are fully aware of its condition before you make an offer.

Custom parts to check on used carts for sale:

Grip the cart’s canopy and rock it back and forth to make sure it’s stable and that it doesn’t make any unusual sounds. Also, look for any rust spots on the frame or signs that the tires are worn. Just like you would before buying a car, take it for a drive to check the way it operates and to see that all the mechanisms work as they should.

Used Golf Cart for Sale

Inspect it before you buy


Take the age of the cart into account as parts for older models will be more difficult to find in the event that you have to replace them, which is more likely for one that has had a lot more use than a newer model. It may also be more difficult to find someone who is capable of repairing it.


Consider that it is best suited to the use you intend to put it to. The features required for use on a golf course are different from those for a cart that will be required to travel around a gated community or on the public highway. Think about any extra storage, seating and accessories that you may need and whether it is fitted with them as they will be expensive.


Different models have different power supply methods, either electric or gas powered, and you must choose the one that suits your needs. If considering gas engined carts, think about whether a supply is readily available. For electric golf cars, determine whether the battery is rechargeable. Check the condition of the batteries and the leads to ensure they are in good working condition. The batteries have a limited lifespan so ask the seller to confirm the their age if it is not obvious.


Of course, price will be one of the first things you need to consider when buying golf carts so it is important to understand what drives sales figures. A cart offered for sale that has undergone customization or modification will cost more than a basic stock model. It’s always prudent to think about whether any aspects of the customization are really necessary for your use or whether you can do without those accessories in order to get a bargain deal. Although used carts will generally be cheaper than the new ones, there will still be a wide range of prices to choose from within the used market price range.


Buying one that has been manufactured by a well-known company, such as Club Car, E-Z-Go or Yamaha, may ultimately be more cost effective as replacement parts will be easier to find and there will be more repair options available in the event of a breakdown.


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