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Where to buy Cheap Golf Carts

Cheap Golf Carts for Sale

Wholesale lots will sell for cheap prices

With uncertain economic times, now more than ever people are looking for a bargain whenever they need to buy something. This is certainly the case when the purchase is an expensive luxury item that may run into several thousands of dollars in value.

Used golf carts are a luxury item that can cost several thousands of dollars and many prospective owners are looking for that killer deal that saves them lots of their hard earned cash. We are here to help you with a few ideas of where to find cheap golf carts that will save you hundreds of dollars. It might take a little more time and effort to hunt down the cheap bargain golf cart deals but it is usually worth it in the long run.

Their Loss is Your Gain

Luxury “toys”, such as boats and classic cars, are the first things to be sold off during tough economic times when people have to cut their monthly expenditure or to put money aside for a “rainy day”. Thousands of workers have lost their jobs and will need to raise extra money in order to pay their mortgage and household bills. This is an opportunity for anyone who is looking to buy a cheap golf cart as this is one of those expendable luxury items to be sold off.

For a shrewd buyer there are used golf cart deals to be had if you are willing to put in some time to hunt them down. It might be tempting to buy the first cheap golf car you find, but you should still examine the cart thoroughly to make sure you won’t have to shell out for repairs after you have bought it. Even though you are in a position to spend money on a cheap cart, you don’t want to waste your own money on repairs on top of the purchase price.

Where to find the cheapest golf carts for sale

There are many ways to find a cheap golf cart for sale in your local area and we have listed a few places to check out to get you going. Our free classified ads will often give you the best deals on golf carts for sale and you shouldn’t be afraid of buying through a website as this could save you hundreds of dollars.

Craigslist – Many people will list their cheap golf cart for sale on this popular classifieds website and you should be able to find what you’re looking for in your local area. It’s always advised to contact the seller for more information and extra photos so you can check if it’s worth seeing.

As the seller will likely be local you should arrange a time to check it out in person to make sure it is as described in the ad and that it works. Always take someone with you, preferably a mechanic, who can look at the cart’s electric or gas engine and other mechanical systems.

eBay – There are hundreds of cheap golf carts listed on eBay at any one time, many of which will be local to you. As with any classified ad make sure you examine the pictures and specifications carefully to make sure it matches what you’re looking for.

If the cheap cart is local to you there is nothing stopping you going to have a look at it in person, in fact it is recommended. If it’s not local to you make sure you ask the seller how much the shipping charges will be. eBay is usually the best place to look for the cheapest golf carts and these days there is minimal risk with this auction site.

Local Wholesale Dealers – Wholesale dealers will buy carts in bulk from courses, country clubs and rental outfits and then will pass on those savings to you. The prices of Wholesale golf carts will likely be higher than a website as the dealer will have additional overheads and may even offer a warranty.

Local Golf Clubs – Many golf club members will own their cart and may need to sell it if they need money for other important expenses; golf memberships are not cheap. Place an ad on the notice boards of all your local club’s, you are bound to get some interest. Also, courses will often sell off their older carts every few years and they may be open to selling one privately rather than more cheaply to a wholesaler.

Liquidation & Repossession Auctions – If credit or a loan has been used to buy a golf cart then the bank or credit company will retake possession if the owner gets into difficulty. There are frequent auctions of repossessed items in major towns or cities where a bargain can be found.


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