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Why Buy Electric Golf Carts?

Electric golf carts offer the most environmentally friendly choice when it comes to golf cars. Compared to gas engines they offer zero pollution from an exhaust pipe, almost silent operation and more economical running costs make them an ideal choice for many personal and commercial applications.

Electric powered carts are increasingly found in daily use at country clubs and courses, both for player and grounds keeping staff, and in many commercial and industrial operations where the need for a convenient and quiet vehicle is required.

Electric Carts at the Course

Many courses are now being environmentally conscious in their operation, using recycled water, reductions in chemical fertilizers and less impact on their surroundings. Part of this equation is less reliance on gas power, for both the player’s carts and ground staff vehicles.

Many courses around the country are replacing gas carts with electric ones as they offer many advantages over gas engines. They are almost silent in operation and will not disturb other players, wildlife or residents who may live in properties adjoining the course. An electric golf cart gives exactly the same performance around the course as the gas equivalent, so players will not notice any difference than if they were driving a gas version.

A battery powered cart will only require a power connection for it to be recharged, although it may take several hours to fully recharge the batteries. So there’s no need to store a large amount dangerous gasoline in your garage which is a major fire hazard unless stored safely.

Electric Golf Cart

Electric power is environmentally friendly and cheap to run

An electric cart requires less maintenance and has less moving parts than a gas model so has far lower running costs over the long term. This will save a country club or rental company large amounts of money over the lifetime of their stock of electric carts.

Electric Carts in Commercial Operations

Electric powered vehicles are ideal wherever there’s a need to transport several people or supplies and environment concerns are a priority. As there are no exhaust fumes from a gas engine, electric power is perfect for use in indoor environments such as airports and exhibition centers. They are often used to transport passengers and staff around large facilities without impacting their immediate surroundings.

Electric Carts in Classified Ads

Buying an electric battery cart in our classified ads will often be cheaper than a dealer bought model but will not usually come with any warranty. By checking out the photos on the classified listing you can make sure that it has exactly the right features you need, and that it appears to be in good condition. Prospective owners will find a good selection of new and used electric carts in our classified ads from the major manufacturers, such as E-Z-Go, Club Car and Yamaha. Customized electric golf cars for sale, including limo and those modified with lift kits and aftermarket wheels can also be bought from our classified ads, most often at a price which is less that from your local dealer.


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